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Our Program in Schools “Healthy Me”


Research is establishing the benefits of yoga for children and in the school environment. In this day of high stress, trauma and fast pace, now more than ever it is important to give children the tools to help them manage their emotions, to self regulate the stress in their lives and to come through childhood with tools that will serve them through out their lives. While many programs require expensive materials or special training, yoga can provide students from day one simple tools that will improve mood, build self confidence and esteem and transfer from situation to situation.

Want yoga at your school?

Call us at 719-418-2375 and start the process of bringing after-school or in-school yoga to your children!

501c(3) Non-Profit Organization
“Peaceful Warriors” 

Peaceful Warriors is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Our organization was formed by yoga teachers and practitioners, mental health professionals, parents and grandparents.

 Our inital 3 year goal is to bring the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and yoga to children regardless of their families’ ability to pay. We partner with yoga studios and other community organizations and businesses to fund scholarships for after-school yoga programs, in-school yoga classes, obtain props and materials for students and bring quality professional development programs to Title I schools. Our belief is that as yoga and mindfulness for kids and educators becomes more popular in schools across the country, less-privileged populations should not miss out on these opportunities.

Moving into the future we aspire to bring the benefits of yoga to more and more populations: seniors, people suffering from addiction, and others who can not finacially afford to access yoga.

We are always preparing for another event, so keep an eye out here or on our Facebook page.