Movement and Breath Coaching

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Movement Coaching

As humans, movement is essential. Our bodies are the happiest when we spend a lot of time moving. This movement keeps our joints healthy and moves the lymph fluid to support a healthy immune system. Movement keeps our organs healthy- the heart, the lungs, and the gut. Movement also helps the mind quiet and can help with states of anxiety and depression. Movement releases “feel good” hormones that can make you feel happier!
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Breath Work

Our breath is a tool that can help to balance our nervous system. It a balanced state our nervous system naturally moves between the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and digest) and the sympathetic nervous system ( fight and flight). We need both but with increased stress or trauma, our nervous system can get stuck in the sympathetic nervous system which over time can cause wear and tear on the body. With breath practices, you can help bring balance back to the body. 

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When you combine movement and breath, you bring more resilience to the body. No matter your age, your body can benefit from these practices when they are tailored to meet your needs. Book your session today.

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