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This resource hub was designed for Busy Parents, Educators, and those looking for Practical Ideas and Tips to support children of various ages in a mindfulness practice.

Downloadable lesson plansactivities, in addition to training videos and videos just for kids are available all in one place. 

For Busy Parents
For Educators
Practical Ideas and Tips

Get early access to the resources, as we grow.  Take advantage of the founders’ offer of just $4.99/month.  Being a founding member means you have the opportunity to help tailor the resources to your needs, as we pick up momentum and outgrow the beta stage. Your comments through a private group and video conference opprotunities will help shape this resourse!

 Access:  The membership site is already hosting a lot of materials and will grow over time. This growing collection of resources is a product of my love for yoga and the meditation journey, a part of Omtastic Yoga’s legacy.  We invite you to share in the access to these materials.   As the resources develop over time and receives updates, your membership will provide you  access.

A One-Stop Membership
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Mindfulness Practice Resources.

All of the items are organized into modules that are easy to navigate by theme or category.    All modules will be available to you to either follow the proposed sequence or ‘pick-and-choose’ at your own pace.   

Deepen you knowledge with downloadable materials to add to your toolbox. 

On-Demand Videos & Downloadable Resources

 Videos are for learning and growing so here you will find videos to help you better teach yoga as well as videos that children can do right from home or the classroom. 

 Easy-to-follow Instructions and Breakdowns of Techniques

All materials provide step by step instructions to make your life simple. Just follow directions, grab the materials from the materials list and you are ready to try these lessons out with your kids or students. 

Supported by Years of Practice and Teaching

From several decades of trail and error, these are the best of the best in yoga for kids. These activities have been tried by our teaching staff at home with their families, in school classrooms and in yoga studio classes. They are fun, easy and great ways to bring yoga to children, teaching skills we want all children to learn- strength, balance, self-confidence and self relianance. 

No prior knowledge of mindfulness-based practice is required.  

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  • 7 Webinars  ($197 value)

  • ​Over 150 handouts of different activities-($1500 value)

  • Training videos ($600 value)

  • Videos for students to practice yoga

  • Audio recording of meditation practices for kids

  • Pose Cards ($35 value)

  • Lesson Plans (each valued at $20)

  • 24/7 online access

24/7 Access to Make Life Easier  

Modules are designed to help you target the age and group you are most interested but all activities and games can be adapted to fit all audiences. 

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