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Monthly yoga Activity Calendars
Find an activity for each weekday of the month! Lesson plans for schools, daycares or parents, support activities for the weekly themes, video practices to do and pose cards all in one easy to find calendar.
Activities Families Can Do Together
Yoga for families covers a wide range of activities that could be all about spending time together, mindfulness, or mediation. Really quality time together is what yoga for families is all about.
Yoga in the Classroom
If you work in a school setting with desks and chairs or tables , yoga might look a little different for you. Here we look at poses and activities that will work well in limited space.
Yoga Activities for Preschool Children Age 2-5
Fun is the name of the game and movement is key. Children at this age are learning through their senses and how their body moves. These activities all require focus and concentration, working together and self-reflection.
Yoga Activities for Children Age 5-9
These activities work well with children age 5-10. These are just age guidelines of course and many of these can be adapted for younger or older kids. This age range is a time of imagination and learning to be independent. Many activites in this area are creative and allow children to make choices!
Yoga Activities to use with Twees/Teens Ages 10 and up
Tweens and Teen are almost ready for adult yoga but still love to be loud, talk plenty and learn the science behind the practice. Here themes are a good way to bring in topics about gratitude, empathy and compassion. This age group also wants to have an impact on the world. This is a great time to talk about "seva" or self-less service.
Yoga Lesson Plans
These are complete classes that you can take right to the students you teach.
Trauma Informed Practices
The more we learn about trauma, the more we learn that yoga can help the book work out the stresses of trauma.
Yoga Poses for All Ages
The poses in yoga are the same for all ages from preschool to adult, however the way we teach the poses very much has to do with the age. Yoga poses for kids is all about fun, imagination and learning basic skills that help tune into the body. As the development of the child changes, they can start to do longer holds in poses, find the breath in the body during a poses and begin to notice how the body feels. Learning poses is a progression of skills. Start slow and build on the skills.
Mantra Cards
Hand Outs
Yoga Videos
Videos in this section are for use with kids, story times and trainings.
Audio Recording
These are recording of practices that you can use with students.
Kids Yoga Membership
About Lesson

Louise has been a yoga teach for over 30 years. She is the author of “Creative Relaxation: Yoga for Children DVD” and co-author of “S.T.O.P and relax, Your Special needs toolbox. ” She conducts trainings in yoga therapy for children with autism and who have special needs all over the country.

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