7 Day Reset


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Day 1- Creating that Habit?

What is the first step? Take that step today.
Day 1 – Getting Started
Day 1 – For Kids – Kindness Matters

Day 2- You Deserve a Lift?

We all need a bit of self care. Let today be a bit about you.

Day 3- Let That Sh*t Go?

Sometime we just have to clear our plates for what is really important.

Day 4- Take a Walk?

Nature is a powerful healing. Get out today and enjoy nature.

Day 5- Screens Gotta Go?

Our devices take up a lot of time and rewire our brains. Let's take a break today.

Day 6- Treat Yourself To Your Favorite Food?

Comfort food can really be soothing. Let's cook today.

Day 7- Its All About You?

It is important to take time for you. Today is your chance.

You Made It!?

Congratulations on kickstarting your mindfulness practice!

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