The Budget-Friendly Guide for Boosting Your Yoga Practice by Shelia Johnson

Yoga is a tool that can help us practice focusing on the present moment and letting go of anxiety about things we cannot change and fears out of our control. It can be an intensely physical, mental, and spiritual practice, but like any routine, it can also sometimes feel stagnant.

Have you been looking for ways to elevate your yoga practice? Are you sticking to a budget? Boost your yoga practice by checking out some budget-friendly tools, technology, and techniques designed to help you stretch, flex, and grow.

Start a home practice

Fire up your postures by working through some yoga poses at home for seven minutes a day. This can be a series of sun salutations, breaking down advanced poses, or a pranayama practice. You’ll need to invest in a few supplies for a fun and safe home practice. Check out discounts for Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retailers who will have all the mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and yoga clothes you need. Don’t pay too much; use Dicks Sporting coupons and promo codes to get more for your money.

Get in a rhythm of practice

Setting and committing to a regular rhythm of yoga is the hardest improvement to make, yet it is the key to success in all your other goals, too. Strive to practice yoga roughly three times a week for the quickest boosts in flexibility, strength, and focus. You’ll build the confidence you need to take risks—safely—as you explore the different facets of yoga. Download a free app that encourages you to strive for a daily, weekly, and monthly goal. Remember, while practicing yoga consistently is important, the quality of your practice is most important. Try not to rush through your practice just to make a number.

Find a stellar teacher

Learning yoga from someone who you respect and trust is an effective way to boost your practice and see results quickly. Find an experienced teacher in both the physical and spiritual practice of yoga. A teacher who is an expert, and who has a welcoming, encouraging personality, can get you excited about rebuilding your practice. Approach each yoga class with positive intention, and keep that intention going throughout your day. That way you can be more open to feeling grounded and productive. Get good deals on classes by checking out the class pass deals at each studio where your teacher instructs.

Let go of judgement and comparison

This one can be hard—people judge and compare all the time. But if you constantly compare yourself to others, then your yoga practice—maybe even your life—will never feel satisfying. Remember that above all, yoga is the practice of looking inside, a journey inward to “yolk” or unite your mind and body in a state of peace. Try subscribing to a free email newsletter that grounds you in a daily message of love and peace. This will help you remember to love yourself as you are and to admire others instead of coveting what they have.

Volunteer in a studio for access

Many studios offer work-study opportunities for interested students. In exchange for free or discounted access to classes, you can volunteer at the studio. You might work at the front desk, in retail, or as a cleaner, or take on another important job. This can help make yoga a more permanent fixture in your life, while also giving you the opportunity to work closely with teachers who each offer your practice something challenging and unique.

These five tips aren’t the only ways to reignite your practice, but they are some of the most proven. Be sure to make your goals realistic and focus on enjoying the process more than the result.

Sheila makes self-care a priority now that she’s seen the consequences when she doesn’t. She found a routine that balances work life with taking care of her mental, emotional, and physical health.

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