About Us

Omtastic Yoga for Children and Families began several years ago with a permanent studio location for yoga classes and events. We now hold many classes all over the Colorado Springs area, in many locations. Yoga poses help connect children to their natural world as they play, imagine and create finding a connection between their mind and bodies. Join us as we journey together, finding boundless joy in our lives, heart-felt peace and inner happiness!

Jan Pratt

Founder & Owner

Jan Pratt has been a “yogi in training” for the past 25 years. Jan found that yoga was a great complement to gymnastic, dance and hiking and that a yoga mat could travel anywhere! She has been fortunate enough to train at yoga ashrams in both Austria and Germany. She is 200 RYA trained, trained in Accessible Yoga and Karma Kids yoga.

Jan has also been passionate about children for most of her life. While having 4 children of her own, she has also owned a preschool, been a children’s librarian and currently is employed in District 11 schools.

“Children are natural yogis-ready to explore their world with their mind, body and spirit. Join us and play!”

Lenora Degen

Founder & Owner


Lenora Degen’s first experience with yoga was through a used paperback book by Richard Hittleman, 30+ years ago. It was not until many years later, as the mother of 2, that she began to establish a regular practice of yoga. Since then, she has been determined to bring the benefits of yoga to people of all ages. Lenora believes there is a form of yoga for every body on the planet.

“Children today are in need of calm, peace and a safe space more than ever before. They deserve to have the tools and life skills learned in yoga with them throughout their life journeys.”

Yoga for children and families is a time for self exploration through play.

Omtastic Yoga School is a registered yoga school recognized by Yoga Alliance. We offer trainings for yoga teachers, non-yoga teachers, parents, educators, youth group leaders and more. Our curriculum is constantly growing.