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Find free resources, including Part of The Balanced Classroom curriculum for bringing mindful movement to schools.

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Teacher Trainings

Learn to Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

These trainings are for anyone with a child in their life. Great for teachers, parents, daycare providers, and youth leaders.

Each training includes a manual, resources, practice teaching and materials to help implement yoga right away with the children you serve. 

School Program

Does you school offer yoga during the day or after school?

We bring yoga and mindfulness programs to schools!

We can offer in-school programs, after-school programs and professional development opportunities. We will customize professional development programs to fit your needs or you can select
from our established trainings.

About Us

Research is establishing the benefits of yoga for children at home and in the school environment. In this day of high stress, trauma and fast pace, now more than ever it is important to give children the tools to help them manage their emotions, to self regulate the stress in their lives and to come through childhood with tools that will serve them through out their lives. While many programs require expensive materials or special training, yoga can provide students from day one simple tools that will improve mood, build self confidence and esteem and transfer from situation to situation.

Our Yoga Tribe. Our Family. Our Community

Omtastic Yoga develops life skills through non-competitive activities, bringing families together in a fun and engaging environment.

Yoga for children is a wonderful tool to help kids learn mindfulness, breath work, healthy movement and strategies to keep physically and emotionally healthy. Through yoga poses, activities, age-appropriate games, songs and teamwork, yoga for kids teaches focus, concentration, social-emotional skills, and a healthy lifestyle.

Free Resources

Additional Resources

Find additional articles to help you dive deeper into the subjects of yoga and mindfulness for children.

The Science Behind Yoga

Download mindfulness exercises to incorporate breath work and bell ringing into your practice.

Sequence Gallery

Get access to the full six-week curriculum for bringing mindful movement to schools.


Jan Pratt & Lenora Degen,
Founders and Owners of OMtastic Yoga

Jan and Lenora in the park
How old does my child need to come to a yoga class?

We offer classes for all ages. For our school age classes-( most children come come independently) we recommend 4 to 9 years old. 

For preschool classes- this is parent participation- ages 2-4 is perfect.

Our Teen/Tween Classes start at age 10 to 14.

Can I (the parent or caregiver) watch or participate during yoga class?

Adult participation or observation is always welcome. You know your child best so if they feel more comfortable with your support you are welcome to be there for yoga.

Do Classes run year round?

No. We offer classes in 6 week sessions during the school year and then offer a summer camp.

What are the benefits of yoga for children?

Yoga for children is a great way for children to learn how to regulate their bodies and their nervous systems to feel calmer and in balance. We do this through breathing games, yoga poses and fun cooperative games. Each class is based around themes that they can carry with them to school and their families- gratitude, peace, happiness, compassion. Give a class a try- your first class is free!

My child never sits still! How will he/she be able to participate in yoga?

Yoga for children is not about sitting still. It is a fun movement-based activity that brings in elements of breathing, focusing and building strong bodies through movement, song and games. Your child will be engaged the whole class!

How can we get these classes in my child’s school?
We would be glad to talk to your school principal, PTA or activity coordinator. Please fell out the form and let us know who we should contact!

Get Classes in My Child's School (#5)
I would love to teach yoga to kids. Where do I begin?

You can start with our Module 1 training- Teaching Yoga to Children, or any of our 4 hour trainings. Click the link to see our training schedule! Now is a great time to bring yoga to the children in your life!

Do I need to be a certificed yoga teacher to take a training?

No. These trainings are great for anyone with a child in their life- parents, teachers, daycare providers, homeschool parents. If you want to share yoga with children in a fun creative way, these trainings are for you.

What options are available for financial assistance for classes or trainings?

Through our non profit organization we offer financial support for teachers and families. Peaceful Warrior’s mission is to build “resilient children, healthy families and peaceful communities”. For more information on financial support, or to get involved in our mission click here.

What Our Students are Saying

I had so much fun taking teacher training with Omtastic. I learned so much that I was able to bring into the classes I teach for any age and in my own home. My favorite part was the people. Lenora and Jan are so knowledgeable and accepting. They were very down to earth which made it more fun and comfortable than your typical training.
– Meghan M.

Jan is so compassionate and is working with the kiddos on learning to love self. This is huge as they don’t get enough of this in a community setting. She has also educated them on the value of loving the community and the earth. I have respect for her devotion to children’s yoga.
– Rachelle M.

My daughter (4 at the time), mother and law and myself participated in a family class about two years ago with Ms Jan and she was fabulous and we all loved it.
– Cynthia C.

Yoga makes me happy and helps me be no so angry!

– Kindergartener

What I like about yoga is I can kinda just leave my emotion in a safe place and don’t worry about my emotions and just do my coping skills like when I do candlestick all my emotions are everywhere so when I lift my legs up my emotions just kinda ooze out of my body then I’m more focused on yoga than my emotions. -third grader

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